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Sifu Jason Woodward

Sifu Jason Woodward was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. As a child he was amazed over the athletic ability of the Martial Artists he saw in movies. At the age of 16 he joined the local Karate School and then and then shortly after the Kick Boxing club, wile training both simultaneously, he felt that neither of these styles suited his personality and focused for many years on his weight training in the Gym.

Sifu Jason Woodward

As an adult Sifu Jason decided to once again try another style of Martial Arts. After doing some research on many different styles he felt that Wing Chun Kung-Fu had the aspects and qualities that might suit him. In looking for an Academy he located Master Joe Sayah, and after his first lesson he knew immediately that Wing Chun was for him.

After training for many years Sifu Jason felt so strongly about Wing Chun's effectiveness he approached Master Joe on becoming an Instructor. This decision begun a 12 month full time student and intensive instructor program directly under Marter Joe's guidance. During this time Si-fu Jason has assisted Master Joe in work shops at high Schools as well as classes with the disabled. Before becoming an Instructor he was a Shift Supervisor for one of Australia leading toy distributers for 14 years.

Sifu Jason has taken these leadership skills and combined them with his desire to help and teach others the practice of Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Si-fu Jason says, "Anyone can do Wing Chun, a person's size or age makes no difference all that's needed is an openness to learn and a bit of discipline to practice. Wing Chun is great for the body, mind and spirit!