Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Will Wing Chun help me to lose weight?

    The simple answer is yes. Since Wing Chun provides the practitioner with a low intensity total body workout, calories will be burnt therefore aiding in weight loss. There are also classes that provide a higher intensity workout (more effective for overall fat-loss) that are run at the school, i.e. Cardio Kung-Fu.

  • If I have a bad back or knee, can I learn Wing Chun?

    Yes. The Wing Chun exercise regime stresses a complete balance between the strengthening and flexibility of muscle groups combined with proper posture during movement. Due to this format there have been many testimonials of back and knee improvement to concur the effectiveness of the Wing Chun methods of training.

  • Am I too old to practice Wing Chun?

    No. Strength, speed and stamina, and the qualities of youth are not necessary to achieve skill and effectiveness in the art of Wing Chun. Therefore Wing Chun provides people of all ages and abilities an art in which they can participate fully and enjoy all the benefits from.

  • Does Wing Chun impose religious beliefs?

    No. Wing Chun, being a Chinese martial art, contains elements of Chinese culture, medicine, philosophy, history and its traditions. It does not imply any religious doctrines or impose any religious convictions as it is not a religion, but a martial art. At present our association enjoys an enrolment of people from all faiths.

  • Will Wing Chun help me to manage my stress?

    Yes. Wing Chun will benefit stress management as it is physically and mentally challenging and provides you with exercise which has been proven in studies to reduce stress levels.

  • Why is Wing Chun the most effective martial art in the world?

    The true effectiveness of a martial art lies in its ability to transcend all limitations and barriers (i.e. age, gender, size, strength, abilities/disabilities). Wing Chun provides the practitioner with a streamlined no-nonsense method of protection based on economy of motion and proper body mechanics with a consistent logical theory that runs throughout. Wing Chun was created within these guidelines and to date is the only martial art that truly and totally embodies these traits.