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Womens Self Defence Classes

Our co-ed adult classes enable women to learn to defend themselves against stronger and larger opponents in a safe training environment giving them more confidence and peace of mind.

Womens Self Defence Classes

The effectiveness of this martial art lies in its ability to transcend all limitations and barriers such as age, gender, size, strength, abilities and disabilities. The self-defence techniques provide the practitioner with a streamlined no-nonsense method of protection based on economy of movement and proper body mechanics.

Wing chun is the world's only martial art developed by a woman. Wing chun manipulates body mechanics to disrupt an opponentsís balance which is practical in real life where you are likely to be faced with a bigger and stronger adversary. This is where wing chun surpasses all other martial art styles because it relies on deflection, positioning, and strategy to disable larger opponents and itís also a system that is easy on the joints and body as a result.

Our self defence classes also teach you how to avoid becoming victims of violence.

The benefits of our Wing Chun women's self defence classes include:

  • No age or fitness barriers;
  • Improvement of concentration, motivation and confidence.
  • Improve your inner strength and mental clarity;
  • Become competent in applying the most simple and effective strategies to deal with potential attacks;
  • You will gain peace of mind and feel safer on the streets and at home.
  • It is a known fact that the practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu develops and strengthens the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain, which governs the motor skills as well as the memory and learning functions.
  • Wing Chun is multi-task oriented as it coordinates the use of hands, footwork, visual reflexes, contact reflexes and strategy...all at the same time! The result is a level of focus and coordination no other martial arts can achieve.

We also run private one on one self-defense classes for Victims of Crime or anyone who prefers private classes.

Contact your nearest school for more information about out Wing Chun women's self defence classes. Call today and get a free trial class!


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