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A key point that makes Wing Chun different from karate and other martial arts is that it was developed by a woman and therefore it deflects force rather than trying to use size and strength to overpower opponents. Wing Chun is the only style in the world that can simultaneously block and strike providing the practitioner with great offence and defense. Wing Chun is a close quarter combat style that originated in China over 300 years ago and was popularised by Bruce Lee who used it in his movies. It was his core art that he trained before he left China.

Wing Chun Adult Classes

For those who want to improve their confidence, fitness, stress relief, reflexes, coordination, focus, speed and power, self-esteem, concentration, self-discipline, wing chun will do all of the above. Wing chun works and gets the job done quickly, regardless of whether one’s opponent is a boxer, kickboxer, practices another martial art style, or has a weapon. For the martial art enthusiast who loves weapons there are kali sticks, staff, butterfly swords, knife deployment and disarmament and wooden dummy (mook jong) training.

Here we train our hearts and minds for a firm, unshakable spirit that persists through difficulty and never gives up. Edmund Burke said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ Here you are trained and empowered with skills so that if needed you CAN do something and help others in need.

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