Adults Wing Chun Classes

Its never to late to start Wing Chun Kung Fu. Many people want an "easy fix" to improve their mental and physical well-being but unfortunately there is no such thing.

While it's not always easy, training Wing Chun can improve your mind and body like no other activity. You'll get definite rewards for every ounce of energy you put into your training.

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Kids Wing Chun Classes

Master Joe Sayah's Wing Chun Kung Fu school weclomes parents to bring along their children to learn the most effective fighting style in the world. Learning at an early age is very beneficial to the a childs progress in Wing Chun.

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Womens Self Defence Classes

At our school of Wing Chun Kung Fu we run specialised woman self-defence classes based on the world's only Martial Arts developed by a woman, Wing Chun.

The effectiveness of this martial art lies in its ability to transcend all limitations and barriers such as age, gender, size, strength, abilities and disabilities. The self-defence techniques provide the practitioner with a streamlined no-nonsense method of protection based on economy of motion and proper body mechanics.

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