Wing Chun Kung Fu Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

Ask ten different people at the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy why they train Wing Chun and you’ll get ten different answers. “Some people train here for self-defense, others for fitness, stress-relief, improved confidence, coordination, focus, discipline, to socialize, or just for fun,” explains the instructor Master Joe Sayah. People can walk into the studio stressed, angry, and frustrated and after the class walk out relaxed, calm, and positive.

"Most people think martial arts is just kicking and punching but there's a spiritual aspect to martial arts training," says Master Joe Sayah. "Through discipline you create good habits in your life and a humble spirit. The hard work of martial arts training generates self-discipline, character, fortitude, and strengthens the will to persist through difficulties and pursue perfection in oneself." The training to become a powerful martial arts fighter transcends the physical aspect carrying over to make one a powerful individual spiritually and mentally as well. The mind, body, and spirit are all connected and having a positive impact in one area affects all three. Practicing Wing Chun helps people empower themselves and attain greater wholeness.

Adults Wing Chun Classes

Its never to late to start Wing Chun Kung Fu. Many people want an "easy fix" to improve their mental and physical well-being but unfortunately there is no such thing.

While it's not always easy, training Wing Chun can improve your mind and body like no other activity. You'll get definite rewards for every ounce of energy you put into your training.

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Kids Wing Chun Classes

Master Joe Sayah's Wing Chun Kung Fu school welcomes parents to bring along their children to learn the most effective fighting style in the world. Learning at an early age is very beneficial to the a childs progress in Wing Chun.

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Womens Self Defence Classes

At our school of Wing Chun Kung Fu we run specialised woman self-defence classes based on the world's only Martial Arts developed by a woman, Wing Chun.

The effectiveness of this martial art lies in its ability to transcend all limitations and barriers such as age, gender, size, strength, abilities and disabilities. The self-defence techniques provide the practitioner with a streamlined no-nonsense method of protection based on economy of motion and proper body mechanics.

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Post Maternity Leave - Success Story

I had been on maternity leave for two and a half years when I joined Wing Chun Universe Mornington. My youngest had just turned one, and I was starting to feel in a bit of a rut. I hadn't had something for myself outside of home and work life for a very long time. Joining Wing Chun Universe gave me back sanity and vitality, and provided the motivation I needed to get my weight down and fitness up! The Kung Fu Cardio classes twice a week are easily my best work outs for the entire week, and encourage me to give my best. Since starting Wing Chun Universe in April I have lost 8.5kg, and have gained so much strength. I am now at my lightest weight ever! Exercises that were once hard are now invigorating. So thank you Master Joe and Sifu Mandy for helping me to achieve a level of fitness, and self confidence I thought I would never get back! Bring on the beach weather!

Sarah Barrett - Mother of two